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Sunrise Off Le Palais
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Quiberon and Le Palais, France - September 28th-30th, 2007

Arrival at Nantes Airport came after four stressful days of "sightseeing" in Paris. But that is a long story better suited for another day. It is enough to say that by the time Chris Biczo eased our rental car into Vannes, I was more than ready to relax. Once we caught up to the other team members at the train station the mental release was immediate. The result was unfortunate. I left my camera, passport and wallet in the returned rental car and the next day we had to go back to claim them. But good can come from any situation, as the chance discovery of Terroirs was definitive proof. If you are ever in Vannes you must try it. Their cuisine (I can’t even use the word food here) rivals the best I have ever had. After our dinner, the entire team jumped in our rented “joker bus” and drove to Quiberon , a peninsula on the Brittany Coast. After a good night sleep and breakfast at the hotel, I think we were all terrified when we saw what the Atlantic had in store for us. The biting winds and large swells prevented many crew practice runs and the Sté Jeanna (our Beneteau First 36.7) was first at the pier. With three vessels rafted to us we were trapped there. Shopping for foul weather gear seemed more important anyway as the Atlantic roared.
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