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The Loenhart name has been around Canada for at least 50 years. Many of today's Loenharts can trace their history through a couple Canadian provinces before their roots lead back to Europe. This site is dedicated to our exploits.

My name is Karl Loenhart. As far as I know, I am the first Canadian born Loenhart. Possibly even the first Loenhart born in North America - but who knows. Inform me about it if you know differently.

On this site you can see what some of us are up to. I apologize in advance for any inefficiencies in the way the site is coded. I do find it difficult to keep up with the world wide web consortium - particularly since I write in a text editor.

However, if you are a loenhart (or a friend of one) and want us to link something that you've got going on on the web let me know. If you are just looking around then please... go ahead. Hope you enjoy it.

Sailing in Sables D'Olonnes links to the sailing pages.

Sailing Pages

Sailing Shoes on the Life Line links to other fun stuff.

Fun Stuff

Turks Cap Lilly links to the Loenhart garden pages.

Garden Pages

Link to Fortified Publications Inc.


Chain links lead to a page about sites the Loenharts like

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Design of this page was loosely based on a fibonacci sequence. I am still thinking about a newer look for the site and introduced this page layout to try it. Not too happy with it so we'll see. Other pages employ my older golden section look. I liked that design, but when w3 consortium changed their recommendation from tables to divisions for layouts I took a long time to adjust. This newer spirally look is more of what I was always going for but now that I have it I don't like it! Here is a site history.

Oh... and here is a new page about math.